180 Degree Panoramic Theatre (HD)

                                 Taiwan Dreams: A Fusion of Calligraphy, Music and Motion. 

Taiwan Dream / 180 Degree Panoramic Theatre

The U Theater combines way of life with art, and Hsu Yung-Chin has combined the group's enchanting tones of Taichi drum music with his calligraphic lines that are full of rhythmic tempos, and the results are precise yet relaxed, rustic and powerful. Hsu's panoramic theater presentation of the "Taiwan Dream" is his return collaboration with the U Theater. He integrates calligraphy with the drum beats of the group, and together they form a type of "digital calligraphy" that projects a harmonious sense of existence in life through interactions between visual and audio elements. The outcome is an extensive historical saga that is distinctively Taiwanese. For the past three hundred years, Taiwan has gone through diaspora and colonialism; however, amidst the changes in authorities, the unchanging constant is the roaming state of mind of the Taiwanese people, and also a sense of bewilderment about the country's identity. With segmented memories, dispersed social groups and broken family trees, an attempt is made in weaving together a spark of light in history for the marginalized Taiwan.

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