"Beyond Calligraphy" A Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition by Hsu Yung-Chin 徐永進當代書藝個展 台北當代藝術館 2011.10.14~11.27

This exhibit is the first time Hsu has worked with a multimedia team and marks a new and innovative step in both his work and Chinese calligraphy as a whole. There is a wide variety of works on display, including: a panaramic film of his work, a giant sculpture, industrial design using his work,  an interactive display, and pieces in acrylic and ink.  

Calligraphy sculpture “Flower Blooming” at the gate of MOCA.

180 Degree Panoramic Theatre

Taiwan Dreams: A Fusion of Calligraphy, Music and Motion.

" Taiwan Dreams " 

 " At the Present Time "

" Doing "

Interactive Multimedia " Doing "

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